Happiness is a child's dream come true in adulthood

Christel W., a Voice-over talent in colour, French and Swiss-French speaking in Switzerland

Are you looking for a voice that’s velvety smooth, smiling, sunny, soft, generous, happy, dynamic, enthusiastic and without an accent?

Then you’ve found it!

Based in Switzerland, I have my own professional studio from which I can record.
Perfectionist, professional and passionate about the French language, I know how to give life and colour to words.

Voice actress

My main responsibility as a voice actress is to have fun. Fun is the key to unlocking the imagination and bringing my performance to life!

As Robin Williams said: “The more personal and precise you are, the more your audience will identify with you”.

As artists and actors, it’s our responsibility to be “students of life”. I live in the moment. When I’m present, I perceive emotions and nuances that are ‘gifts’ for my performance.

Each of us was an expert in the art of having fun – until we reached the age where playtime stopped!

Radio, for as long as I can remember

Ever since I was a little girl, my dream has been to go into radio. Armed with my microphone and tape recorder, I would interview family and classmates, then add my voice to tell the story. Later on, I became a correspondent for local radio stations at events such as concerts and regional festivals.

With my passion intact, I knocked on the door of Radio 1 in Tahiti in 2001 during a world tour. A few trials later, I was promoted to radio presenter for five hours a day. Numerous radio and TV adverts, commentaries and voice-overs followed.
One thing led to another and I was drawn to radio journalism. Radio management confidently opened the doors to the editorial team so that I could learn the trade and develop my on-air talents.

Interviews, editing, writing, press conferences and live presentations were an intense and unforgettable experience.