The most beautiful instrument, the oldest, the truest, the only origin
to which our music owes its existence, is the Human Voice.

Voix off & Réalisations

Many companies, studios and corporations have placed their trust in me over the years. It’s a privileged relationship to be the Voice of a brand, and to bring a project to life.

Passionate about the French language, I want to give life and colour to the words I use.

Advertising spots, corporate, e-learning, voice-over, audiobooks, narration, documentary commentaries, radio programmes, TV & film trailers and phone calls.

TV, Radio, Internet & Videos (CH)

Radio Spots (FR)

Institutional & Misc. (Swiss french)

Audiobooks & stories for children


Foreign voice-overs

Created by Oleksandr Panasovskyifrom the Noun Project

Children's voice-over